azeymas asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking but where did you get the inspiration for Tangaroa's name? I just ask because it's the name of a Maori deity and it's not pronounced Tang-a-roa it's pronounced Tan-ga-roa. So his nickname, Tang, is kinda a miss pronunciation of the beginning of his name. Sorry if this seems rude it's just that I'm from New Zealand and I'm intrigued by your choice of name for your very cute puppy.

Hi There,

Not rude at all!  And you’re not the first person to ask why we named him that. Its a unusual choice of name coming from someone in Seattle. haha So two reasons.. First reason, yes, he was named after the deity, but being that I am a Disney fan, he was also named after the God from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland. **Edit (I should point out that I did do research on the actual deity before naming him that, so I am aware of who/what Tangaroa is in several cultures.)

I actually do know the correct way to pronounce the name, and that is what we call him by at home. But several friends and family struggled with saying the actual name, so Tang is his nickname for folks that can’t actually pronounce his real name.  Figured it was no harm and it was much easier for folks to say. Tangaroa is on his tag and his papers.  

Hope that helped!  :D

See, he isn’t doing too bad. Epic cat toy battle